Our lab’s core values are to conduct high quality, impactful and rigorous research to address practically-relevant questions and accordingly develop evidence-based and actionable knowledge and strategies that can be used by organisations. Over the years, our research team has developed strong expertise in the areas of employee behaviours, emotions, performance and career development and project management in both private and public sectors. We can leverage such knowledge base to work closely with your organization to address your business challenges and needs, leading to improved organizational performance. Two possible forms of collaborations are provided below. We also welcome ideas about other forms of short- and long-term collaborations. If you are interested in working with us or explore the possibilities further, please feel free to contact any members of our team.

Industry Collaboration

Every business is unique. Knowing this, we can tailor our collaborative efforts to meet your company’s specific business challenges and needs. Listed below are two examples of such industry-university collaboration that our team members are currently leading and/or involved in.


Restubog, S. L. D., Wang, L., Chih, Y. Y., & Lu, V. An evaluation of the communication strategy for the Department of Defence. Contentgroup. Total funding: $50,000.


Chih, Y. Y. The development of an evidence-based project management approach for effective content communication in the public sector. Co-funded by contentgroup and Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (through Innovation Connection Grant). Total funding: $100,000.

On-demand Consulting Projects

Employees are the most important asset of any organisation. Given our areas of expertise, we could also work with you to conduct internal professional development workshops. Some example topics may include, but are not limited to, leadership and employee career development, employee well-being programs and project management capability. In this regard, we could also facilitate a knowledge exchange between industry and universities. Listed below are two examples of such knowledge exchange events that our team members, Dr. Jun Gu and Dr. Kohyar Kiazad from Monash university, organized.


Event 1: Developing Leaders in the New Economy, July 1 2015

The first annual Leadership Research Group industry event addressed leadership development opportunities and challenges in the new economy. The forum delivered the latest thinking and practice on leadership development to benefit organisations looking to gain a competitive advantage. Keynote speakers were Professor Neal Ashkanasy (UQ Business School) and Zac Ashkanasy (Principal consultant at Nous Group). Following the keynote, an expert panel facilitated in-depth group discussions on key areas in leadership development including women in leadership, collaborative skills and team building, influencing and digital technology in leadership.


Event 2: Leading with Diversity, October 14, 2016


The second annual Leadership Research Group industry event addressed the question: Why should leaders care about diversity? The forum delivered the latest expert thinking and practice on how leadership connects with diversity and inclusion. The keynote speaker was Christine Nixon (former

Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police). Following the keynote address, an expert panel facilitated in-depth group discussions on key areas in leadership and diversity, including challenges in cultural, gender-related, sexuality, political, and religious issues in the workplace.

Professional Development Workshops