We are always looking for intelligent, committed and hardworking Honours/MPhil/PhD students to join our lab.


Students in the Work Effectiveness & Leadership Lab have the opportunity to work on a range of topics (e.g., dysfunctional workplace behaviors, careers, and emotions and self-regulation at work) using both field and laboratory research methodologies. We encourage, facilitate, and foster long-term collaborations between research students and faculty members associated with both the lab and other universities. In the past, these collaborations have resulted in publications in well-respected journals, such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Leadership Quarterly. PhD graduates from our lab have a strong employment record. Some recent placements include: the Australian National University, Monash University, University of Queensland, University of Sussex (UK), University of Vermont (US), the Australian Catholic University, and RMIT.

Prospective students

ANU offers a variety of scholarships to both international and domestic research students. Detailed information about these funding opportunities is available at http://www.anu.edu.au/students/scholarships/research-scholarship-information.


Some research assistant (RA) and tutor opportunities are also available for our faculty members’ research projects and courses.  

Possible funding opportunities

If you are interested in joining WELL, the first step is to carefully review the information on this website to learn more about the lab. In particular, you need to think about: 


  1. What your research interests are and whether those are aligned with our core research areas?

  2. What your expectations are for Honours/MPhil/PhD study and whether our lab is the right place for you?


After this, if you are still interested in joining our lab, please contact any of our faculty members via email. Please also include a single PDF file containing the following information in your email:


  1. Cover letter (one page that outlines why you are interested in joining WELL and some relevant and specific information about yourself that are not included in your CV).

  2. CV (please also include your standardised TOEFLT/IELTS test scores and contact info)

  3. Copies of transcripts (can be unofficial).

What to do if you are interested in exploring more?